1. inception

You tell and we listen. We want to know everything about you and your space. We want to know the history, the vision, the functional requirements, and of course, it helps if we know your budget too. What you tell us becomes our brief.


+ branding collateral

We believe in a holistic design experience, and provide design for other forms of communication to enhance the spatial experience. Sometimes, that involves designing a few graphics; Or your packaging material. How consistent and cohesive your brand is delivered or perceived are important to us, and we’ll help you realise your vision.


2. schematic design

We study and think about what exactly it is you want. You are spared of the dirty work when we conceptualise your project. The concepts will be made manifest in physical form – spatial planning sketches, fit-out elements, material proposals and lighting design.


3. technical design pack

After anchoring down the design, we’ll take care of the dry and mundane. The conceptual design is developed and materialized into measured drawings and detailed specifications that are good for construction. Let’s call tender.


4. construction

We will quote you based on your selected design, value engineer the design as things start to get realise to meet your budgetry needs. We collaborate with our team of superstar builders and craftsmen to deliver your project. Yes, sometimes we get our hands dirty too.


+ construction administration

We would be happy to work with your choice contractors. We evaluate the tenders and make recommendations for award. Our commitment extends to solving construction details, overseeing and making periodic inspections to the construction works till completion.


5. styling and accessorising

Procurement of all furniture, fixtures and other decorative elements. Basically, we put in the final touches that will complete the space as one coherent design. It is now ready for you to take over.