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  • TYPE:
  • F&B
  • AUG 2016
  • (Completed)

Meet Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte, a banana of sorts; yellow on the outside but quite white on the inside…

Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte is a small 46-seater (90m2) restaurant on the 2nd storey of JCube, Singapore, that offers Japanese cuisine with a modern, western spin. The restaurant’s design concept, informed by its menu, is to create a hybrid environment that fuses Japanese traditions with modern Western elements. The design exploration was hence, essentially, a balancing act between Japanese and Western aesthetics.

Japanese design elements in the restaurant are characterised by the use of timber with simple and clean details, paired with elements of nature. These elements are integrated with modern western aesthetics of deliberately geometric elements like the square tiles, metal frames and brass tubes.

Spatially, the restaurant caters for different dining groups with a long bar counter, 3 booth seats and a large communal table. The space at the front of the shop, which is usually the least private space in a restaurant, is turned into a single sided long booth seat. This shields the diners from the human traffic, and the back side of the booth serves as a visual icon to the shopfront. Floating above the ordering counter, a white metal frame houses a ‘hanging garden’ and timber panels that would allow for branding visuals. As mall patrons move past the restaurant, the branding visuals are intended to reveal itself subtly amongst the green.

The restaurant’s warmth emanates from the restraint of selected neutral finishes in white and grey like the basic white tiles with a twist of bright yellow grout, complemented with ferns and vines. Nestled amidst a chaotic and confused surrounding inside of JCube, the result is a space of respite from the busy visual pollution that one gets while patronizing the mall.