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  • TYPE:
  • Residential
  • OCT 2016
  • (Completed)

How does one distil and yet retain a tradition as “gao” (singlish, for intense) as the Peranakan culture for the modern lifestyle?

The principal idea of this project was to create an atmosphere where a young couple dialogues with the Peranakan ways in their day-to-day activities. Peranakan elements were strategically applied to each area of the apartment not merely as an aesthetic representation of their heritage, but also as a functional element to enhance the use of space. Warm, earthy and textured materials afford a deliberately modern contra to these Peranakan features.

An intricate metal screen, combined with patterned floor tiles and peach-coloured walls greets one upon entering; demarcating the entry foyer from the rest of the apartment. Finishes for the living and dining spaces were kept to neutral grey and warm white tones as a modest and clean approach to elevate the entrance foyer. Separating the living/dining space and the kitchen is a traditional Peranakan-inspired saloon swing door, done with a modern spin by giving it a minimalistic look. This keeps the kitchen and dining spaces physically apart while maintaining visual connectivity.

In the bedroom, patterned ventilation bricks were deliberately selected rather than solid wall partitions to serve as a privacy screen from the bedroom entrance, at the same time allowing some light to spill over into the bedroom foyer. In the bathrooms, black & white patterned tiles were paired with rough textured wall finish to add a tactile element to balance the super-flat printed tiles.

The apartment interior rejects the market led trend of striking visuals, opportunistic while hyper elaborate details borrowed from industrial elements and/or Peranakan culture. Instead, our interior keeps to a clean and tasteful design that subtly melds the Peranakan elements in each space, as a reflection of the simple and modest couple the apartment is designed for.