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  • TYPE:
  • Residential
  • Redhill, Singapore
  • June 2018
  • (Completed)
  • Bai Ji Wen

“Plywood got nice one and not nice one, see luck. Sometimes nice one stick on not nice one become nice also…”

“Woody Allen” is a project where we threw ourselves entirely to sourcing the perfect ply. There was no such thing, the suppliers told us. “Plywood got nice one and not nice one, see luck. Sometimes nice one stick on not nice one become nice also…” Dejected, we asked our contractor if they were able to show us the various types and its characteristics. “Only got two types lo, the pale one and the red one. Which one you want?” With each one he showed us what it looked like. Little did we know, we were receiving an education on the local perspective of ply, through the vastly generalised description for the types of plywood. Nearing the end of the project, we stumbled on a ply base for the doors, at that point, we understood what our contractor had referred to when he called it the red one. It was reddish in its undertone, but what won us over was its grain. It was wavy, full of character and would have been an utter waste being concealed beneath a layer of laminate, the initial finishing to the door. And so the generous grain of the ply was sealed and now forms a beautiful entryway. “Also wood what.”
Functionally, our client required their home to be used for a cell group settings for various units of people. This called for a design where seats had to be designed while minimising the look of the apartment as one of chairs. Our proposal was for an all-in-one tv console unit, tucked at the edge of the living room, just dividing enough space for the main entryway. Where required, seats could be moved and then stowed away when unused. Combined with the L-shaped ledge along the dining area, the entire 4-room apartment could be packed with up to 50-pax, seated.