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  • TYPE:
  • Corporate
  • JULY 2016
  • (Prospective)

Our design entry for this call centre is an exploration of a singular design move that is self-organising, aesthetically and atmospherically vibrant.

Tele-centre Services Pte Ltd is an outsourced contact centre service provider with operations spread out in 3 different locations in Singapore. The brief was to provide the design of a new office space that would consolidate 2 of their current contact centres into the newly acquired 662m2 space at Kallang Pudding Road.
The proposed plan strategically places the ‘client spaces’ into one unit, segregated from the internal operations which conglomerate in a bigger space formed by four units. The space was optimized to contain 200 staff members while maintaining an efficient circulation. We decided to scatter the supervisors amongst the staff for better communication; rejecting the traditions of having designated zones. The plan configuration also allows for future introduction of enclosed rooms with no disruptions to existing operations should the need arises.
Aesthetically, elements were kept to a minimal to create a clean and upbeat vibe. Each area is given its own colour; a singular design move that reflects the individual spatial character yet unifies the entire office. We choose an epoxy flooring over carpet for the main spaces because it is a cost-effective finishing that achieves the vibrant look intended of the office, while utilising the hard finish surface to fill the space with an acoustic vibrancy as opposed to a polite but muted atmosphere. Meanwhile, parts of the ceiling are exposed and painted to a desired colour, not to conceal but to add to the effect of the bold design language of block colouring.
The environment is deliberately devoid of loud textures and patterns. Instead, the core expression comes from the saturated ‘colour-blocks’ as a singular and consistent design move, with the considered effect of the overall in terms of aesthetics (look), organisation (space) and atmosphere (sound).